How much will PacketPOP cost me up front?
Zero. Setup is provided free of charge by us.

How long will it take to provision my account and start routing traffic?
In most cases, one business day.

Will I need to hire any additional employees to use PacketPOP?
No. We provide manuals and free training to your existing employees. We recommend you assign an engineer to monitor your network and to work directly with our engineering team.

How will using PacketPOP affect my monthly operating expenses?
Operating expenses are tied to your traffic volume and revenues, and generally lower than monthly expenses of a comparable in-house solution.

How will using PacketPOP affect my cash flow?
Because the PacketPOP service is provided on a postpaid basis, there will be no effect on your cash flow.

Does using PacketPOP offer any tax advantages?
Yes, in most countries your operating expenses are fully tax deductible.

I'm scared of commitment. Will I be locked into any long term contracts?
Absolutely not. Our standard service agreement is month to month and can be cancelled anytime.

I already have a wholesale platform. Can I still use PacketPOP?
Absolutely. In such cases, we recommend using PacketPOP for large volume deployments, specific new projects or for non-core markets.